Jason Dekarske

Convincing Robots to Trust Humans

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Jan 2020- UC Davis
Graduate Student Researcher

As humans wade further from Earth, we must develop technologies to support our survival. The Habitats Optimized for Missions of Exploration (HOME) research institute develops a basic understanding of how habitats interact with humans using mixed autonomy. Robotic systems must collaborate with humans when necessary and maintain themselves when humans are away. I’m studying high-level robotic decision-making in collaborative tasks. See the Education section below for more information about my research.


See Linkedin for courses

2018-2024 University of California, Davis
PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

2014-2018 University of Wisconsin, Madison
BSc, Biomedical Engineering

Professional Training

May 2023-Aug 2023 NASA Science Mission Design School
Planetary Science Summer School

With a team of early career scientists and engineers, I developed a conceptual mission to Neptune’s moon, Triton. Planetary Science Summer School is an 11-week program including rigorous preparation for a final week of concurrent mission design with NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s Team-X. In this experience, I served as Project Manager and organized teamwork, mission requirements, and spacecraft capabilities. Our mission aimed to characterize the subsurface ocean of Triton, the enigmatic surface plumes, and unique cantaloupe terrain. The posters we presented at AGU 2023 can be found on my website. more info…

October 2020 International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
Tutorial on Epistemic Planning and Summer School on Automated Planning & Scheduling

I had the opportunity to learn planning fundamentals like PDDL, Solvers, Execution Monitoring, and Robotics.


In addition to the professional experience listed below, you can find my infinitely expanding hobby, Open Source, and self-teaching projects on Github. I have a habit of dreaming about an end product and learning the skills needed to produce it, whether or not those skills are in my wheelhouse. So I’m hoping that the software I share can improve community-driven projects and that snippets of thoughts can help other learners.

Aug 2021-June 2022 NASA Ames Research Center
Intern Intelligent Robotics Group

Distant robotic systems operate under significant time delay, posing teleoperation challenges for earthly operators. Predictive systems could fill the temporal void between commands sent to a robotic system. Still, proposed techniques rely on precisely modeled systems. In this project, I’m studying the performance of a human-astrobee team operating under time delay with an idealized predictive system.

Jul 2019-Jul 2021 Ravata Solutions
Consulting Control Systems Engineer

2018-2019 UC Davis
TA - Dynamics

2018 Ottobock HealthCare
R&D Intern - Mechatronics

2016-2018 UW BADGER Lab
Research Assistant

2016 UW Stout
REU Researcher


Research Research Question Development, Literature Review, Human Experiment Design and Facilitation, IRB Documentation, Publication Preparation, Public Speaking, Science Communication, Cognitive State/Human Performance Assessment using NASA TLX, Multidimensional Trust Scales, Situation Awareness Rating Technique
Control System Synthesis Systems Modeling, Simulation, Matlab, Controller and Estimator Design
Mechatronics ROS/Gazebo, Inventor/Fusion360/SolidWorks, EAGLE, CNC Fab, 3d Printing, Digital Circuit Design, Embedded C/C++, FreeRTOS, STM32Cube
Computing Linux, Bash, Git, Python (PyTorch, NumPy, PyMC, SciPy, SymPy), MongoDB, InfluxDB, Embedded C/C++, Rust, Docker, Networking, Typescript (Javascript, Three.js, Vue), HTML/CSS
Learning ESP-IDF, Flutter, FMCW Doppler Radar Design, Curling, Golf (not scratch yet…), Snowboarding (haven’t landed a backflip… on purpose)
Languages English (Native), German (B1)


Adaptive Adventures Help people with disabilities rock climb
National Biomechanics Day Taught interactive lessons to all ages
MESA Python Workshop Taught Python fundamentals to high schoolers from historically under represented ethnic groups
FIRST Robotics Judge competitions based on students’ robotics knowledge and implementation
ENG 003 Design Judge undergraduate student engineering projects


2019 UCD Graduate Research Award

2018 UC Davis MAE Departmental Fellowship
Tech B2B Innovation Program 3rd Place
Tong BME Design Award 2nd Place

2016 Kohler Foundation Incentive Scholarship
Denn-Kroeff Scholarship


2023 ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing
Workshop Chair
Emerging Telepresence Technologies for Hybrid Meetings: an Interactive Workshop

2020 Habitats Optimized For Missions of Exploration Technical Seminar
Architecture for a Distributable, Remote Human-Robot Interaction Experiment

2016 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting
Path Oriented Powered Wheelchair Navigation Assistance (Poster)


2024 Jason Dekarske, Zhaodan Kong, Sanjay Joshi Dynamic Human Trust Modeling of Autonomous Agents With Varying Capability and Strategy, Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, in review.

2023 Ayush Mohanty, Jason Dekarske, Sanjay Joshi, Nagi Gabraeel, Operational Self Awareness of Robotic Manipulators Performing Tasks with Dynamic Severity Levels, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems, in review.

Gregory Bales, Allison Anderson, Jason Dekarske, Sanjay Joshi and Zhaodan Kong, An Investigation of EEG-Network-based Dynamics Trust Metrics in Human-autonomy teaming, IEEE Transactions on Human Machine Systems, in review.

Amanda Steckel, …, Jason Dekarske, …, The Science Case of Nautilus: A Multi-flyby Mission Concept to Triton. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting 2023, poster.

Tyler Horvath, …, Jason Dekarske, …, The Architecture of Nautilus: A Multi-flyby Mission Concept to Triton. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting 2023, poster.

2022 Jason Dekarske, Zhaodan Kong and Sanjay Joshi, Operationalizing Human Cognitive State Assessment (poster), SmartHab Workshop, San Antonio, TX.

2021 J. Dekarske and S. S. Joshi, “Human Trust of Autonomous Agent Varies With Strategy and Capability in Collaborative Grid Search Task,” 2021 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Human-Machine Systems (ICHMS), 2021, pp. 1-6, doi: https://doi.org/10.1109/ICHMS53169.2021.9582622.

2020 Mrazsko, H. X., Dekarske, J. T., and Adamczyk, P. G. (June 26, 2020). “Design of a Variable Stiffness Pneumatic Ankle Prosthesis With Self-Recharging for Weightlifting Exercise.” ASME. J. Med. Devices. September 2020; 14(3): 034501. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4047493